Turiya Ventures exists to provide seed and early-stage support for founders who are building key enabling infrastructure & applications in the RISC-V, Compute, DeFi and Blockchain space. Our mandate extends to applied Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IoT solutions that solve significant global problems.


Backing the enablers of the future, Turiya provides the needed seed and early-stage support for visionaries with plans to solve significant global problems through their innovative applications of blockchain and other leading technologies.


Buying into promising decentralized blockchain technologies, Turiya helps to create value for ventures before they are ready to take their offer to the public. The Turiya team contributes their significant experience, deep knowledge of the blockchain space and technical expertise to help promising ventures achieve their funding goals.


Building on early commitment, Turiya supports ventures as they grow and trade in pursuit of their vision. We use proprietary AI driven tools to provide a competitive advantage and leverage the many tools and relationships available to us to help ensure our venture partners success.

Our Plan

A collection of ideas, themes and developments that we’re thinking about.

Investor Terms

TV will charge a management fee of 5% of the assets under management per annum, 20% carry forward for up to less than 30% gain and 50% carry forward for gains equal to or exceeding 30%.

TV will make all the final investment decisions. (However, TV may set up an investment advisory board that meets at least once a quarter). All investment and general operational decisions will be made by TV following the internal processes setup by TV

All disputes unresolved after good faith efforts by any party may seek a single arbitrator to adjudicate the disputed matters. The arbitration hearing will be held in San Francisco.

Our Team

Ravi Iyengar Managing Partner

Prior to starting Turiya Ventures Ravi worked as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Khosla Labs.
During the early years of Blockchain and Bitcoin mining, Ravi founded and ran one of the first and largest US based Bitcoin ASIC and systems company as it's Founder/CEO.
Ravi has held several leadership roles at Samsung, Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm over a span of 15 years in the semiconductor industry. In his last corporate role he was responsible as the lead architect for the Samsung Galaxy series CPU. Ravi holds a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from Wright State University, USA and a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, India. Ravi is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with significant experience across new technologies and has been awarded 6 US patents and has published several technical papers in reputed international journals.

Zane Kung-FaustManaging Partner

Zane is a Managing Partner at Turiya Ventures and previously a Principal at Sanguine Capital Advisors, a capital advisory firm based in Hong Kong with offices in Australia and Washington.
He was part of the founding team for Sanguine's fund the Growth Investment Guild - an emerging markets private fund with some $5.8B in mandated projects and investments spanning, Fintech in Australia, property in Asia, energy in Botswana, and affordable housing supply in Africa.
Prior, Zane worked as a strategic advisor with the strategy firm Alchemy Growth Partners and founder Mehrdad Baghai. He has deep experience across strategy and consulting and has worked with government, multinational public and private companies as well as having a long history of commercialisation experience with start up ventures both in and out of the technology space. Zane is a PLD/EMBA graduate of Harvard Business School.

Ahmed M ZakariaInvestment Partner

Ahmed is an Entrepreneur and Financial Advisor to Dubai ruling family. He is a Personal Advisor to H.H.Sheikh Marwan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Financial Affairs. He is also the Group Head of Financial Services for the $160B Emirates National Oil Company in Dubai, and a former Treasurer for the Dubai Department of Finance. Ahmed is a Partner and Member of the board of Brabus Middle East and the Director and Founder of a significant diversified global trading business. Ahmed holds a BS in Financial Economics and Political Science, an MBA in International Business, and is a Harvard Business School Alumnus.

Emmanuel AbiodunInvestment Partner

Emmanuel is a technology executive and investor that has been involved in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space since early 2010. In 2012 Emmanuel launched Cloudhashing, in what became one of the largest infrastructure providers in the Bitcoin cloud mining space. Cloudhashing generated over $700 Million in Bitcoin market value for its investors during its operation. Emmanuel has since invested in and co-founded various other technology companies in the Blockchain space and is currently an architect (VP) for Oracle’s Blockchain Cloud Service. Before being involved in the crypto space, Emmanuel was a technologist at JP Morgan Investment Bank & HSBC Prime Brokerage Services.

Dr. Timo HankeTechnical Advisor

Timo is currently the Director Of Engineering at DFINITY Foundation. Timo has been involved in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space since early 2011. His development work, done back in 2012, on a payment protocol with new and more robust fraud protection has now found applications in leading Bitcoin 2.0 projects. His recent claim to fame was for his work on ASICBoost a method that improves cost and efficiency of Bitcoin mining by 20%. Timo also served as the Head of Research and CTO of a leading US based manufacturer for Bitcoin Mining ASICs and systems.
Timo's academic background lies in the mathematical fields of Algebra, Number Theory, Computer Algebra and Cryptography. He has spent more than 15 years in top internationally renowned research organizations spanning 4 countries. He also served 6 years as an assistant professor in the mathematics department of RWTH Aachen University, Germany's largest and most prestigious technical university. Timo has been a regular guest speaker at mathematics conferences and has had numerous articles published in highly-reputed journals. Timo holds a PhD from University of Potsdam and has held several post-doc positions at renowned international universities.

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